Night Piece Pt.2 excerpt (dusk approacheth)

TK: Sometimes (high pitched)
GE: High above it all
TK: Sometimes when I sliiiiiide (gliss down to normal voice)
GE: floated a threnody,
TK: Slide into my bed
GE: to which the bats, now out in full force,
TK: When I pour in like milk
GE: drew their sharply bent lines
TK: In petals
GE: across the darkening sky.
TK: And lay down my knotted face
upon that bittersweet lace
hug my twisted beams of hands
within the sheets
against my sides
I tingle
I burn and delicious tingle
Because I’m feeling like a child
and it lasts a full minute sometimes
and it is fucking heaven
I hope that dying
is like the way your bare legs feel
when they yawn
and stretch
and slip like fish
into the sheets


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