Jesus and the Children

(church thoughts)

Blunt cross with a man on it
Stretching out his white canvas
Carmine run down his left rack of ribs
Vermillion circlet on his forehead
The slight flush as his hands clench and unclench full of dim peaches
As life teeter-totters out of him
And the milks of his eyes follow it up and down
The rose of his lips match the rose in the center of his chest
And petals part and split and part again
I like to think he smiles
And so do you
But I doubt it
As pure sacrifice is painful


Angel choir
With bright O’s as mouths
Beneath the man with all the colors
Their brown skinny bony chests
Moving up and down
In exaltation of a man they never knew
And that is some sort of miracle
That your bony body writhing above their heads
Makes children sing with all their souls
Do you deserve it?
These marvelous brown bones covered in thin dresses
Of every color
Wearing their best for you
They eat macaroni and cheese at home
And dodge something angry from their mothers
Maybe you give them hope
But somehow sometimes I don’t think so
They pass their babies around and make it work
They learn songs from scratch
They give their weekly dollar to the plate
They sing them in front of people that clap their guts out
And you keep bleeding on a dead man’s canvas

I think

The children are the ones with everlasting life
And the brightest things there are

I think meanwhile
I’ll kneel and worship them


2 poems about jesus

2 poems about jesus

I’m coming
To find you
Tomorrow morning
I will go
I will enter the cuurch-arch
Get in under your arm
Respond to your hello
I am with you
I am
In your head
Your bread
Is my meal

Whenever I see jesus
He is holding children or
Bunches of lambs
In the crooks of his elbows
In the center of his hands

I want to be held like that.

Inhale spicy comfort
Off of ruby robes
Be pulled onto a magician’s lap