Ralph’s Deli Board



Ralph’s Deli board was never going to be displayed in the way I first envisioned, but it remains an inspiration for me. Ralph continues to make sure I get home safely, he makes sure everyone’s tires are rotated, and gives our neighborhood a good “take care of each other” vibe.


April’s Song

Thursdays are full of Aprils that I love

But that bitch is something else!
her long fuck-me hair swinging over a lacy shirt
shirt of foam
shirt of resplendent rag and foam
she has no blackness
but the swirl over her eyes
slender licks of hand-applied:
for the sake of glamour and sexuality
I have never seen anything like April
the men that pale and fall
when her ass swings into the room
all round apple promise
all lies
you men won’t get to fuck her
sweet and tender dummies with hard-ons
I laugh behind my hands and admire
her willow legs that are her magic wands
her get-what-she wants fluttering bird-hands
that stroke the air into the forms of flattery
and love, really
she is a sculptress of love-
fashioning a glory for her own purposes
but nobody loses
everyone walks away ignited
I love to watch it
I hold open her doors and calm down
the situation when need be
with cigarettes and being
the older sister.
we light up our cigs and then the sidewalk with our high heels together
we praise our gods together in bars
we scream about how foolish men are
and then we love them anyway together
we are stars in our own spectacular spirit fucked-up sky