Train trip: Soundtrack

rattling papers
scratching pens on crossword puzzles
sucking of teeth
swish of wheels
humhum clearing of the throat
honking noses
gurgling smoker’s coughs
chugging of engines
sighing over bridges
hooting through tunnels
laughing past pert cows
and purple threads of stalks of flowers
“the buffet car is now open”
“excuse me”
“no worries”
“coffee please”
the round sound of instant coffee
meeting its boiling water Maker
the hiss of its alchemy for me
“do you have anything smaller than a $50?”
the crush of lashes meeting lashes and
my thundering headshake
“I’m so sorry”
easy things:
lowing of blue-rinsed lambs talking talking
old soft-worn blanket people
in comfortable ugly shoes
winding fuzzy ribbons on and on
spools and spools of
gentle blue and peach speeches of absolutely nothing
and just about everything
such easy beauty
such song
gentle sounds of the crack of our carriage
moving us all along.
rocking us to sleep